Awards and Recognition

During the August 5, 2014 meeting between DepEd and Paranaque's Private Schools, Enfuego Christian Academy was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for making it to the Top 6 in the 2013-2014 National Achievement Test (NAT) 4th Year Level in the Paranaque Division. There were a total of 67 schools (56 private schools, and 11 public schools) that took the NAT test. Congratulations to our 4th year graduates last year: Rachel Coates, Alex Tuico, Kakai Silva, Reuel Marcos and Jovi Taca! Truly you held the torch up high for Enfuego. Congratulations also to all Enfuego teachers for equipping our students to excel! All Glory to Him for making this all possible.


Among the recognized Top 10 performing schools in the 2013-2014 NAT for 4th Year Level (Paranaque division), 3 of them were SOT schools: PCST, Enfuego Christian Academy and Lighthouse Bible Believer's Christian Academy. The School of Tomorrow System of Learning indeed thrives on academic excellence!

National Student Convention Awards
“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us”
Ephesians 3:20

Cagayan de Oro

October 2013


Platform Awards: 

1.  Expressive Reading       - 1st Place  :  Darin Marquez

2.  Illustrated Storytelling  - 1st Place  :  Darin Marquez 

3.  Dramatic Dialogue        - 2nd Place :  Jovi Taca & Joshua Esguerra

4.  Famous Speech             - 2nd Place :  Jovi Taca

5.  Poetry Recitation           - 2nd Place :  Andre Lagdameo

6.  Preaching                        - 2nd Place :  Reuel Rei Marcos

7.  Puppets                           - 2nd Place :  Reuel Marcos & Jovi Taca

8.  Radio Program               - 3rd Place :  Jovi,Darin,Andre,Joshua,Rachel

9.  One Act Play                   - 5th Place  :  Reuel, Jovi, Joshua, Andre, Darin

10.  Oratory                         - 5th Place  :  Joshua Esguerra


Music Awards:

11.  Quartet Male  - 1st Place : Reuel, Jovi, Darin, Andre

12.  Duet Male - 2nd Place :  Reuel Marcos & Andre Lagdameo



13.  Essay Writing - 1st Place :  Joshua Esguerra

14.  Powerpoint Non Linear - 2nd Place:  Jovi Taca & Darin Marquez

15.  Powerpoint Linear - 4th Place :  Reuel Marcos & Andre Lagdameo



16.  Science Exhibit Research - 1st Place :  Reuel Marcos & Christian Pangon

17.  Computer photo Enhancement - 1st Place : Andre Lagdameo

18.  Marquetry - 3rd Place :  Darin Marquez

19.  Oil Painting - 5th Place :  Reuel Marcos

20.  Animals Photo (colored) - 5th Place :  Reuel Marcos

21.  Still Life Photo (colored) - 6th Place :  Joshua Esguerra

22.  Acrylic Painting - 6th Place :  Andre Lagdameo



23.  Storytelling  - 1st Place : Hanna Garcia (Alumna)

24.  Small Ensemble - 1st Place:  Hanna Garcia (Alumna)

25.  2nd Place Overall for Platform

26.  COMMAND PERFORMANCE  - Illustrated Storytelling: Darin Marquez


Special Awards:

27.  C.A.P. Awardee - 2nd Place : Reuel Marcos & Andre Lagdameo

28.  C.A.P. Awardee - 1st Place  :  Darin Marquez





October 2012


Piano Solo 1st Place

Powerpoint Non-Linear 6th Place

Dramatic Monologue 1st Place

Expressive Reading (female) 6th Place

Expressive Reading (male) 6th Place

Illustrated Storytelling (male) 1st Place

Oratory 3rd Place

Poetry Recitation (female) 6th Place

Poetry Recitation (male) 2nd Place

Preaching 6th Place

Solo Female 6th Place

Duet Female 1st Place

Duet Mixed 1st Place and Command Performance

Quartet Mixed 1st Place

Small Ensemble 3rd Place

Radio Program 1st Place

Scrapbook 2nd Place

Oil 3rd Place

Quilts 3rd Place

Colored Pencils 3rd Place

Poetry Writing 1st Place

Short StoryWriting 2nd Place

Still Life (color) 2nd Place

Science Exhibit Engineering 5th Place

Plants (color) 5th Place


Special Awards:

2nd Place C.A.P. Awardee – Rachel Coates

1st Place C.A.P. Awardee  -  Becca Coates


2nd Place Overall for Platform



Cagayan De Oro

October 17-22, 2010


Academic Division:

1.  Short Story Writing - 2nd Place (Noah del Rosario)

2.  Powerpoint Linear - 3rd Place  (Zoe Tuico & Ella San Jose)

3.  Powerpoint Non-Linear - 1st Place ( Nuel Rivera & Mariza Hourani) 

4.  Bible Bowl - 5th Place  (Jolo Garcia, Alex & Zoe Tuico, TJ & Daniel Saludo)

5 . PACE Bowl - 5th Place (Josine, Jolo & Gambit Garcia, Noah Del Rosario) 



6. Pastel - 5th Place (Kakai Silva) 

7.  Acrylics - 2nd Place (Ella San Jose)

8.  Oil   - 1st Place (Josine Garcia)

9.  Water Color - 3rd Place  (Alex Tuico)

10. Wood Carving - 4th Place  (Daniel Saludo)

11. Plants & Animals: B/W - 3rd Place  (Alex Tuico)

12. Special Effects - 5th Place  (TJ Saludo)

13. Sketching - 1st Place  (Noah Del Rosario)

14. Pen & Ink - 6th Place   (Zoe Tuico)



15. Solo String Plucked - 2nd Place (TJ Saludo)

16. Solo Woodwind   - 4th Place (Ella San Jose)

17. Duet: Female - 5th Place  (Rachel & Becca Coates)

18. Quartet: Female – 1st Place & Command Performance 

                                     (Ella San Jose, Mariza Hourani, Rachel & Becca Coates)

19. Quartet Mixed – 1st Place 

(Ella San Jose, Becca Coates, Nuel Rivera, Noah Del Rosario)


20. Small Ensemble -  5th Place 

(Josine, Kakai, Ella, Alex, Mariza, Becca, Rachel, Nuel, Noah, Gambit, TJ , Daniel)  



21. 400 Meter Dash: Male - 1st Place (TJ Saludo)

22. 4x100 Relay: Male - 4th Place 

(Jolo Garcia, Renzo Mercado, TJ & Daniel Saludo)


23. 4x100 Relay: Female   - 3rd Place 

(Mariza Hourani, Alex Tuico, Josine Garcia, Kakai Silva)

24. 100 Meter Dash: Female - 5th Place   (Alex Tuico)

25. 200 Meter Dash: Female - 1st Place  (Mariza Hourani)

26. 400 Meter Dash: Female - 2nd Place (Mariza Hourani)

27. Physical Fitness   - 2nd Place (Jolo Garcia)



28. Radio Program - 1st Place

(Nuel Rivera, Noah Del Rosario, Kakai Silva,    Gambit Garcia, Rachel Coates)

29. Dramatic Monologue - 2nd Place (Mariza Hourani)

30. Dramatic Dialogue - 1st Place (Jolo Garcia & Rachel Coates)

31. Expressive Reading: Male - 1st Place (Nuel Rivera)

32. Storytelling: Female - 2nd Place (Josine Garcia)

33. Storytelling: Male - 3rd Place (Gambit Garcia)

34. One Act Play - 2nd Place  

(Noah Del Rosario, Gambit Garcia, Renzo Mercado, Rachel & Becca Coates) 

35. Poetry Recitation: Female - 5th Place (Rachel Coates)

36. Poetry Recitation: Male - 5th Place 

37. Puppets - 1st Place (Kakai Silva & Gambit Garcia)


Special Awards:

CAP Award (Communication and Potential Leadership):

38.  1st Place: Noah Del Rosario

39.  3rd Place: Mariza Hourani

40.  5th Place: Nuel Rivera


41.  Enfuego Christian Academy:  2nd Place Overall for Platform




October 2009



Bible Bowl 6th Place

Poetry Writing 5th Place



Acrylics 2nd Place

Oil 5th Place

Pastels 5th Place

Sketching 3rd Place



Still Life (B/W) 4th Place

Still Life (color) 4th Place


Music- Instrumental:

Solo Miscellaneous 5th Place

Solo String 5th Place

Solo Woodwind 4th Place



Music Arranging 1st Place



Duet Male 5th Place

Duet Mixed 3rd Place

Solo Male 2nd Place



Dramatic Dialogue 2nd Place

Dramatic Monologue 1st Place

Famous Speech 1st Place & Command Performance

Illustrative Storytelling 6th Place


Poetry Recitation (f) 5th Place

Preaching (ages 16 8 up) 5th Place



Lawn Tennis (Female) 5th Place

400-Meter Dash (Male) 3rd Place


Special Award:

C.A.P. Award 1st Place : Noah del Rosario






October 26-31, 2008


A. Early Entries

1.  Radio Program 6th Place 

2.  Short Story Writing 5th Place


B. Arts

3.  Oil 6th Place

4.  Acrylics 1st Place

5.  Pastel 4th Place

6.  Colored Pencils 5th Place

7.  Sketching 5th Place

8.  Pen & Ink 6th Place

9.  Computer Photo Enhancement 3rd Place

10.Scenic Photo-colored 1st Place


C. Platform

11.  Dramatic Dialogue 3rd Place

12.  Dramatic Monologue 2nd Place


D. Music

13.  Instrumental Duet 4th Place

14.  Misc Instrumental 5th Place

15.  Solo String 3rd Place

16.  Solo Woodwind 1st Place & Command Performance

17.  Musical Arranging 1st Place

18.  Duet Male 3rd Place


E. Athletics

19.  100 m dash-female 5th Place

20.  200 m dash-female 4th Place

21.  Soccer Kick 6th Place

22.  Lawn Tennis-female 3rd Place


Special Award:

C.A.P. Award 1st Place : Noah del Rosario