Annual Year-End Banquet

At the end of the year, the Enfuego family, including parents, students, staff and guests, come together in a special and formal gathering to celebrate the Lord's goodness and His blessings. The Banquet is something everyone looks forward to, not only because it marks the end of a good year and everyone gets to come in red-carpet attire, but it also highlights the students' achievements over the past year and each one receives a reward and recognition of his or her achievement. A scruptuous buffet dinner is served and it becomes a wonderfully intimate celebration for everyone.


Graduation rites and award ceremonies are also held during the banquet. Family and guests are treated to a repertoire of special numbers, such as the winning pieces from the National Student Convention and song numbers from the little ones. The banquet also becomes a perfect time for our alumni members and old students to visit and catch up with the whole Enfuego family.