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From The School Directress

There is a growing demand for schools that can cater to the individual needs of the child. With the increasing classroom ratio in many private schools and in most public schools, there is a nil possibility of meeting the individual needs of the learners. Students are addressed as a whole class and learning is lock-stepped, disregarding each student’s differences in their learning abilities. Enfuego Christian Academy, Inc. has this to offer to parents who prefer a more personalized instruction to their children.


Children nowadays are exposed to lots of information that can harm their value system formation. Many parents desire to place their children in a school that can train them in a value system that is laid on a biblical foundation. Enfuego Christian Academy’s Christian education is invaluable in giving students a strong foundation in a world of shifting values, morals, and priorities. It provides the foundation in building future leaders and in training for excellence.  


This is what we envision every Enfuego student to be—excelling and leading.


In Christ,




Josie A. Garcia

School Directress

To address children’s unique and individual needs by providing Godly character building and academic excellence
through a Bible-based curriculum.
To pursue each child's God-given potential, equipped for life and committed to excellence.
through a Bible-based curriculum.